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Trusted by Trusted Brands

We pride ourselves on the relationships we nurture and the consistent results we deliver.

Toasting to a new chapter

Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Family Wine Group needed a way to introduce a recently-acquired boutique wine brand in a way that would be well-received by their established customer base. We developed a strategy to not only overhaul their website and online store, but slowly roll out their newest brand as a welcome addition to their product range.

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Perfecting the recipe for success

Baker's Delight

Bakers Delight are giants in their industry, but their unstable website didn’t do justice to their long-established reputation. We created a new online presence for their users that integrates mobile, showcases their product range and highlights franchising opportunities to help the brand to continue to grow.

Marketing Case Study

Skating into success

Globe Brand have been designing skate and surf wear for decades and needed their digital advertising to reflect the care, style and quality of their products. Our social and search advertising approach helped drive sales and tap into their engaged audiences.

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social remarketing campaigns

"We are loving the new site,
the team have done a great job!
We have implemented a feedback tool on the site as well and have received lots of great feedback."

Alicia Bruccoleri - Bakers Delight

"After years of bad experiences with developers and designers, I decided to listen to all the awards and use Emote Digital. Not only are they exceptionally good, but they are a great company and great people!"

William Strange - Three65 Underwear

"The work done for the Only Mine website by Emote Digital was second to none! The feedback from customers and performance has been outstanding."

Jason Stockton - Only Mine Chocolates

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